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Sales Training

Mastering the Sales Process

Welcome to the beginning of a powerful journey to transform the quality of your life and the results you produce. The lessons taught in Mastering the Sales Process will hand you the keys to the kingdom, if you use them, to create massive wealth and success.

This program is the result of more than two decades of not only research, but more importantly, the practical application of these tools, tactics and resources in real business environments. First developed and employed in New York’s Financial Markets (the most dynamic and cut-throat sales environment in history), the strategies in this program will take any individual or any organization’s sales force to the next level.

Mastering the sales Process takes the cornerstones necessary for success in any sales environment, i.e. the intangible elements present in all successful sales situations, together with the specific techniques, tools and strategies necessary to effectively and efficiently prospect, qualify, engage present and close sales at the highest levels on a consistent basis.  Additionally, the combination of intangible knowledge and real-world skill sets will provide you powerful strategies to influence yourself, your team members and everyone else you care about in directions that serve each of them in their own best interest.

The program is designed to be a 9-step process.  The subjects covered include:

  1. Product Knowledge – Define Your Ideal Customer
  2. Prospecting & Qualifying – Setting up your cold calling and follow up (email)
  3. Compelling Presentations – Engaging Your Prospects
  4. Presentation – Connecting your Product/Service to your prospect’s unique needs
  5. Proposal – Intelligence & Tools – Develop Sales Material That Enhances Your Presentation
  6. Influencing the Decision Maker – How to Make Seamless Transitions in Your Presentation
  7. Key Decision Maker – Strategies to Ensure You Reach the Ultimate Purchaser
  8. Bottom Line – Efficient Account Management – How to Keep the Prospect Focused
  9. Closing – Close Every Sale That is Closeable – For the Client’s Reasons – Quickly & Painlessly

In each session, you will learn new tactics and skills that build on the previous session and that, when applied on a consistent and persistent basis, will lead you to the promised land of wealth, success, freedom, and fulfillment. Throughout the program, there are also strategically placed sections on the mindset and psychology of persuasion: the cornerstones upon which the strategies are built.

The program is presented in a 9-week format, allowing you to learn and practice the skills and strategies learned in each lesson as you progress to overall mastery of the skills, strategies and psychology of sales success.  Always remember that repetition is the mother of skill and that success is a journey.  The faster you wish to advance along the journey, the more repetition you need.  Frank Bettger said it best, “Sales is the easiest job in the world if you work it hard.”  With the lessons learned in Mastering the Sales Process, in addition to working hard, you’ll be working smart!

Therefore, I do have one request, that you commit to not only completing the sessions but to taking action each day to practice what you’ve learned. I also ask that you commit to use the system ethically, and only in situations where you are influencing others to make decisions or take actions that truly support them.

I believe that persuasion is the most important and powerful skill there is, not only to create massive wealth and success, but to influence those you care about to take the necessary actions to improve the quality of their lives. What could be more important than the ability to persuade and influence those we care about most for the greater good?

I’m excited to embark on this journey with you and look forward to someday hearing the story of your success.


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Sales Training

Mastering the Sales Process
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