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The Right Attitude and Behavior Equals the Most Successful People

In Jeffrey’s 20 plus years of success in building dynamic corporate cultures and successful sales organizations, he has acquired a level of wisdom, or what he prefers to call common sense, in an area that has allowed him to assist many of clients in a unique and beneficial way.

In a nutshell, the process of putting the right people in the right roles for maximum positive impact on any office, management group or sales team has taught him this.  When you match the right behavior for the job with the right attitude (motivation) for doing it, the odds of success, and happiness, for the employee skyrocket and benefits for the company just go along for the ride.  It becomes the proverbial WIN-WIN-WIN!

This is not necessarily groundbreaking news.  The old adage that you “hire for attitude and teach the skills” has been around forever because it consistently holds true.  The game changer, for Jeffrey and a select collection of his contemporaries, is a success journey that has allowed practical experience to combine with education in a manner that brings about what the consulting industry refers to as that rare quality of Emotional Intelligence, or the ability to bring the benefit of time to those who haven’t had the benefit.

To this end, Jeffrey has become a master recruiting consultant, helping employers define jobs in ways that dramatically increase the odds of finding ideal candidates while teaching jobs seekers how to understand themselves in ways that make them more desirable to employers and likely to be more successful in both the short and long term.

This unique expertise has led to the creation of Panama Recruiters International.  At Panama Recruiters International Jeffery leads a team that employs rigorous due diligence together with behavior and attitude management technologies to ensure that individualized customer specific employment objectives, for both employers and employees, result in profitable, productive, cost effective and long-lasting employment decisions.

If you searching for the perfect job, looking to recruit the perfect employee or develop a superior team, talk to Jeffrey.


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The Right Attitude and Behavior Equals the Most Successful People
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