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The Cornerstones of Profitable Management, Sales

Jeffrey Jedlicki

life coach, consultant, mentor.

Jeff’s professional life has been one of entrepreneurial adventure, marrying education to experience in a progressive journey that has resulted in a unique, highly effective, skill set perfectly suited to the role of mentor, guru, advisor and consultant.  Of course, in the end that means being able to produce real results in terms customers understand and appreciate.

The professional journey began with an education in Business at the University of leading to a career in financial planning and investment sales, progressing to product design, venture capital and off shore negotiation.  Finance evolved into a management consulting and sales training practice.  Management consulting for Jeff is focused on an extensive successful experience together with his expertise in human behavior and communication, developed in the field during his negotiating work, and applied to the development of more effective teams, departments, divisions and corporate cultures through better understanding between the individuals involved.

As a result, today Jeff brings a highly exceptional skill set that shares 30 years of wisdom to guide individuals to the right careers and best positions while helping employers make intelligent hiring choices and building superior teams.  When this is married to Jeff’s highly effective sales skills and training abilities effect is always a dramatic improvement in every respect

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